Hey, I’m Shauna. 

I help busy students and graduates manage their overwhelm, eliminate anxiety, and become financially secure whilst staying well, spiritually fulfilled, and looking hot AF…

Why? Because I spent 6 years figuring out how to dig myself out of a spiritually-spent, anxiety-ridden and diminished-mindset hole – and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone else.

I was time-poor..

I was stressed AF…

I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere

I’d lost touch with my femininity, my spirituality and my core sense of purpose.

I was spiritually and physically sick.

Living with serenity, sophistication, and sensuality…

These days, life looks very different. I’m a no-nonsense BFF for women all over the world. Women who, just like me, are done with being cash-strapped, scatter-brained and out of touch with their sensuality. I teach students and graduates how to step into the empowered, sexy and sophisticated side-hustler they deserve to be!

Aside from my opera career, reading every personal-development book known to man, and getting down-to-it on a date-night (girl, I’m not even sorry!), helping my clients is my favourite thing to do.

Sure, you could get there on your own…

But do you really want to take 6 years? Do you want to burn through a few side-hustles? Do you want to suffer with illness after illness? Do you want to drop out of college because you can’t cope?

No. I did all that for you.

I’m no BS, I’m your business-bestie and I’m the fast-talking spiritual sister who’s ready to take you from cash-strapped survivor to financial fucking freedom!