Your First Yoga Class: What You Need to Know

Yoga. You’ve probably heard of it. Maybe you’ve seen the posters around your gym encouraging you to try a class, or maybe your friend is a total yogi and is annoying you to come with her some time. It can actually be quite overwhelming at first, because most people don’t know what to expect.

To put your mind at ease, I want to tell you that yoga is for absolutely everyone. You don’t have to be one of the super flexible girls balancing on their heads that you see on Instagram (cough, cough, sorry – guilty!!) in order to reap the many benefits of yoga.

Yoga can improve your posture, increase flexibility, strength and help even with other physiological and psychological conditions such as digestion, sleep, relaxation, stress, and general fitness.

You don’t have to be super flexible

Quite the contrary, most people actually go to yoga class in order to cultivate flexibility. I have friends who couldn’t touch their toes in their first yoga class, and now are managing much more difficult postures with ease. Don’t let inflexibility hold you back!

Injuries / health conditions

Most injuries or health concerns shouldn’t actually stop you from doing yoga. Yoga can actually help to alleviate symptoms and pain, but make sure you always tell your instructor before the class starts if you do have any concerns. This way they’ll be able to guide you through some alternative poses should you require them. Otherwise, yoga can be an extremely restorative and relaxing process and might even end up helping the issue!

What do I wear?

Anything lose and comfortable that you can stretch and move around in. Workout clothes are normally what most people show up in and that’s perfect. Most studios and classes will also provide mats if you don’t have one of your own yet. You definitely don’t need to have the latest yoga equipment to get started, or even to build a life-long practice. All you need to bring is your breath and your body. Simple, right?

Spiritual element

Yes, yoga is a spiritual practice for many people. No, you don’t need to be into spirituality to practice yoga. There are certain yoga classes that totally remove the spiritual concept from it altogether and focus purely on the physical and mental benefits of the practice. You won’t be brainwashed into any new-age spiritual woo-woo concepts and if you don’t like anything that’s being said, you’re totally free to leave.

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