Reflexology: Alternative Therapies Series

A couple of months ago, I was referred to a reflexologist to try and reduce the anxiety and stress I was experiencing. At the time, I was dealing with moderate PTSD. I had definitely begun my healing process, but I had no idea how much reflexology would help.

I went to an amazing clinic near where I live called Nautilus Beauty. The lady who does my reflexology is called Jenny, and not only is she an absolute sweetheart, but she is so incredibly knowledgeable about natural healing.

During the first session she explained to me the concept of reflexology, and told me that it was really about slowing down and listening to what our body was telling us. What came up in reflexology was usually the areas that you were experiencing some kind of stress response, or were what you needed to tune into and work on.

The first session was suuuuper relaxing. It kind of felt just like a normal foot massage. What was weird though is that during the last ten minutes, I had a huge spurt of anxiety. After the sessions Jenny told me that she was specifically working on my adrenal glands at that moment to help release any blocked energy that was there. How cool is that?! She was also able to tell me after the session that my energy levels were very low, I was dehydrated, had undiagnosed stomach issues, and that my sinuses were an issue because of hay fever.

Two weeks later, I was diagnosed a coeliac, with extremely low vitamin D levels. Vitamin D causes your energy levels to plummet, make you dehydrated and coeliac disease is an auto-immune disease relating to your gut not being able to digest gluten. Is that insane or what?!

The second session I had with Jenny was a much deeper experience. Five to ten minutes in, I fell into a deep meditative state – my breathing was much deeper than how it usually is. I knew I wasn’t asleep, but I definitely wasn’t awake and present. It was jarring and uncomfortable for a bit because I didn’t know why it was happening, but giving in to it was eventually what I ended up doing. It ended up being deeply beneficial, as after this session I started craving more water, and I really was so much more aware of my body at all times. I was noticing exactly what foods were making me feel ill (goodbye, white bread!) and I was making so many connections even in terms of my anxiety and what was actually triggering me.

Make sure to tune into the next post in this series to see how I got on in my next couple of sessions and please do let me know in the comments section what alternative therapies you want to hear me write about!


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